Release testing



Release testing

Whether release testing for raw materials, intermediates or finished drugs: we guarantee fast, precise and highly reliable results.

Only optimal methods guarantee valid and maximally precise results. This is exactly where we fit in. We optimize existing methods and develop and validate product-specific test procedures. In the case of (origin of customer) existing methods, we carry out rapid method transfers and, if desired, also provide support to you in case of organization, for example in the preparation of transfer plans.

To ensure the necessary transparency and smooth processing of orders, we provide you with your own personal contact person. This person is rightly entitled because he or she is available to you at all times!

We will gladly advise you

The desire to achieve results as quickly as possible often plays a decisive role, especially in release testing. In order to speed up your internal processes and to enable you to react flexibly to the market, we always agree on individual delivery deadlines. With established methods and fixed parameters, release tests at HHAC can be carried out within three days, and in special cases even within 24 hours.

All work steps and documentation at HHAC are GMP-compliant. Customer-specific document templates, evaluation sheets or protocols are smoothly integrated into our own laboratory documentation. In this way, we keep your administrative workload as low as possible.