Climate storage


Climate storage

For storage of test samples according to ICH, qualified climate facilities are available under controlled storage conditions as follows.

< -20°C
25°C / 60% RH
30°C / 65% RH
30°C / 75% RH
40°C / 75% RH

We will gladly advise you

We offer climate storage mainly as part of our stability analysis, but also as a separate service. On request, we also offer special climate conditions and store narcotics in a dedicated vault. In every case and at every stage, we provide our customers with our expertise and support them, for example, in determining the required test samples for each analysis or removal from storage according to the test plan.

It does not need to be mentioned to our customers that all climatic facilities with test samples are monitored by a central electronic system at HHAC. In case of malfunctions or limit violations, the responsible employees are notified immediately!

HHAC guarantees on-time removal and GMP-compliant documentation of all work steps during storage and removal. Test samples stored for external testing are shipped on controlled shipping routes upon request.