State-of-the-art laboratory technology guarantees precise and reliable analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, intermediates and finished medicinal products. This also applies to work under light protection and with highly active substances.


  • UHPLC and HPLC

    • DAD
    • UV/Vis
    • Fluorescence
    • Refractive index
  • Gas chromatographs (FID)

    • With headspace application
  • Thin layer chromatography with DC applicator and densitometer

Special instruments for
pharmaceutical analysis

  • Dissolution tester

    • Basket
    • Paddle
    • Rotating cylinder
  • Disintegration tester

  • Resistance to crushing tester

  • Friability tester


  • UV/Vis spectrometer

  • IR spectrometer

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Other Analyzers

  • Titrators

    • Karl Fischer titrators (Titrino, Coulomat)
    • Titrando
  • Cone-plate viscometer

  • Refractometer

  • Density meter

  • Moisture analyzer (infrared dryer)

  • Vacuum drying oven

  • Turbidity meter

  • Osmometer

  • Particle observation station

  • Distillation apparatus (Kjeldahl, steam)

  • Conductometer

  • Incubator shaker (e.g. for solubility studies according to ANVISA requirements)